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Travel Advice

We have put together a wide range of pages and articles offering top travel advice, to help you plan your gap travels. Our comprehensive travel advice pages provide you with tips and advice on everything from what to do on your gap trip, where to go, health and safety advice and how to finance your gap travels. Our unique travel buddy service also helps you connect with other travellers before you go!

Our travel advice pages can help you plan your gap year, with advice about booking flights and travel insurance, gap travel preparation, what to pack and useful visa advice. We also offer helpful advice about finding paid work abroad, with handy tips for those wanting to find a job while travelling.We also have an advice for parents section, where parents can learn more about gap travel. Browse through our travel advice pages and do your gap travel preparation: Set off on your gap trip safe in the knowledge that you have all the advice and info that you need to make it a success!

We offer a free advice session for travellers with one of our experienced travel advisors, covering everything from where to go to safety tips, weather advice, travel preparation and much more. The travel advice session can be face-to-face in our office in Kent, or booked by phone or Zoom. For more information about our free travel advice session click here.

Travel Aware FCDO


For the latest travel advice, please check the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) website. The FCDO is offers travel advice from the UK government, by country, and we always recommend checking FCDO’s travel advice before your trip to stay safe abroad.

Group of travellers in swimsuit on sandy beach smiling and waving in front of blue vehicle

How To: 2nd Year Australia Working Holiday Visa (No Farm Work!)

Posted: 31 May 2024

Looking to renew your Australian Working Holiday visa, and not sure if working on a farm is for you? The great news is that you are no longer required to...

Travellers enjoying picnic near Sydney Harbour

Moving to & Living in Sydney: A Working Holiday Guide

Posted: 31 May 2024

If moving to and living in Sydney is high on your bucket list, you’ve found the perfect Working Holiday guide to start planning your big adventure. Here are...

Young travellers at beach party

Thailand Half Moon & Jungle Party [2024]: Dates & Guide

Posted: 24 May 2024

You may have heard of Koh Phangan’s legendary Full Moon Party but have you heard of the Half Moon Party and Jungle Party? Add these to...

How to Avoid Delhi Belly While Travelling in India

Posted: 14 March 2024

We all want to enjoy our time on our travels, so here are some tips to make your time in India delightful! Delhi is a lively city offering many beautiful...

3 people skiing

Top 5 Ways To Stay Safe On Your Winter Getaway

Posted: 28 February 2024

Article in collaboration with the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO).   Winter is a great time to get away. You can escape the British chills for some vitamin...

Pink cherry blossom next to a temple in South Korea

Cherry Blossoms in South Korea [2024]: When & Where to See

Posted: 23 February 2024

Cherry blossoms are one of the most iconic features of South Korea and Japan and are a total must-see. It transforms the traditional settings into a dreamlike painting. Korean cherry...

Travellers posing next to traditional thai boat on beach

The Best Time to Visit Thailand

Posted: 31 January 2024

Is Thailand next on your bucket list? It’s obvious to see why! With its Instagramable islands, the thriving city life and its iconic Full Moon Party, ...

Traveller exploring shinto shrine in Japan

Solo Travel Guide for Women 

Posted: 26 January 2024

Feel like you’re constantly in your group chat trying to make travel plans, and no one is replying? This is your sign. It is time to go solo...

Girls at Full Moon Party in Thailand

Thailand Full Moon Party [2024/2025]: Dates & Guide

Posted: 2 January 2024

The island of Koh Phangan is known for its epic Jungle Party, Half Moon Party, and, of course, the legendary Full Moon Party! If dancing under the moonlit sky...

Traveller at Ninh Binh

The Best Time to Visit Vietnam

Posted: 15 November 2023

Vietnam is full of wonders, from natural beauty to vibrant cities. The best months to visit are between November - April but all year round Vietnam is incredible to visit...

Wing view of sun and clouds from airplane

First Time Flying Solo? Here's What to Do at the Airport

Posted: 23 October 2023

Excited for your epic adventure but nervous about flying alone? Simply follow this step-by-step guide, and you’ll soon be a pro at navigating your way around any airport...

A stack of Australian bank notes

How to Make Money Down Under

Working holidays in Australia are all the rage. Jet over to the other side of the world, see the incredible sights of the country and fund your travels as you...

Scuba diver underwater with fish, inspecting a pink anenome

Top Ten Tips: Scuba Diving

Scuba pro, Polly, the founder of our 'Dive and Marine Conservation' project in Belize, has dived over 5000 times (told you she was a pro!). We love scuba diving here at...

People waiting too board an old tram in Melbourne

Top 5 Free Things to Do in Melbourne

We love Melbourne, and there's plenty to do, so we thought we'd give you guys a round-up of the best things to do for free. ...

Hikers standing

It's Trek Time: Hints and Tips for Climbing Massive Mountains!

Thinking about doing something incredible this year? Here at Gap 360, we love getting our teeth stuck into a new challenge and three of us have completed the Kilimanjaro climb...

Group of friends planning their travels

You Want to Travel, but Don't Know Where? - Our Guide to Travel Stardom

We’ve all been there, done that and got the t-shirt - you want to go away, but you have absolutely no idea where you actually want to go...

Volunteer in Indonesia

How to Travel and Boost Your CV at the Same Time

Want to give your CV a massive boost, but not sure how? Travelling can prove to be a game changer on your resume, especially if you make an extra special...

Suitcases on train track

Gap 360's Guide to Safety Abroad

You may think, “safety” oh, this is one for the parents… and yes, it is important for them to read through, but in actual fact, you are...

A volunteer planting in a riverbed

What's The Best Thing To Wear, and Take Volunteering?

If you’re booked on to one of Gap 360's volunteering trips this year, you’ll probably be thinking about what you should pack away with you on...

Packing a suitcase with laptop and camera

3 Things You Don't Need to Pack for Your Working Gap Year

No one likes packing. It’s an unpleasant task at the best of times. Even if you’re just packing for a quick overnight stay, the process of...

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