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So you've got the perfect gap trip in mind, you've done your destination research and are already eyeing up shorts and flip flops in the shops, but there's just one glitch in your plan: Money! Financing your gap year trip can feel like a headache but it just requires a bit of forward planning and clever budgeting and you'll be saying 'bon voyage' to Britain before you know it! The length of your trip will have a bearing on how much you spend on your travels. Think about how long you want to go for; there are trips available from anything between two weeks to a full year in length. Our trips are all clearly priced and there are options and activities to suit every taste and purse. And as Gap 360 offers complete financial security for all trips, you'll know your money is in safe hands.

How do I finance my gap year?

Funding a gap year is often a major concern for gap year travellers. You might have been working here at home for a while and already saved up for your gap year, or you might be putting money aside but haven't quite got enough together. Whatever your budget there are loads of finance options so you can make a gap year work for you:

  • Many countries offer the chance to do paid work on your gap year trip and this is a great way to earn money for onward travel. Check out our wide range of paid work opportunities around the globe.
  • If you get a place on an internship, some may be paid or might offer you other good perks such as accommodation and food, which can keep your budget down.
  • Why not make the most of your birthday or Christmas by asking friends and family for money towards your trip? Why not purchase a Gap 360 voucher which can be used towards any of our trips.

How do I get value for money?

  • Save up before you go and invest in one of our round the world travel tours. Choose from set itineraries or build your own dream trip - it can be the best value way to see the world.
  • Stick to a budget from the word go, it's the best way to make your money work for you. Write a check list of all the things you will have to include before you go, like flights, insurance, visas and medication. Check what the exchange rates are like - your money will go a long way in some countries!
  • Work out a weekly budget for every week you're away so you don't find yourself running out part way through your gap year.
  • Do your homework. Finding out as much as possible about each destination you'll be visiting during your gap year will lead you to all the best bargains and budget locations. Get to know the locals while you are on your trip and they'll usually point you in the direction of some good, cheap local food or bars.

Pick a payment plan

A payment plan can be a great way to pay off the balance for your trip in manageable stages. For most of our Gap 360 programmes we only ask only for a GBP199 deposit when you book (although please note that some of our programmes require a larger deposit).

We offer two great payment plans so you can spread out the cost of paying for your gap trip:

  • Book with a GBP199 deposit and pay the rest of your balance 12 weeks before you go.
  • Book with a GBP49 deposit and pay the rest off in equal monthly installments, with the last payment due 1 month before you travel.

What about the practicalities?

  • Get a bank account online banking, which is a great way to access your account abroad and check your budget is on track.
  • Get a credit card as a good back up plan for your gap year trip - but don't be tempted to spend more than you actually have! One way of setting a budget is to get a prepaid overseas card and use this instead.

Financing your gap year does not have to be cause for concern; there are so many great ways of saving up money, earning while away on your gap year or finding some brilliant bargains across the world. Financing your gap year is an important part of your gap travel preparation but don't let money worries hold you back: Once you've got your budget on track there will be no stopping you - come on, the world is waiting!

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