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Fudge the dog on the beach in her wheelchair

Fudge Gets Her New Wheelchair!

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By Caitlin Spouge

Last updated: 1st June 2023

This seriously adorable dog loves the island life! Fudge is the mascot of our Thai Animal Welfare Volunteers programme. You can’t help but fall in love with this lovable doggo, with her playful and friendly personality. After Fudge was found on the streets of Thailand, needing a lot of care, she was taken into the volunteer project.  Her legs and tail were broken and they needed to be amputated

Animal Welfare in Thailand

Fudge the dog getting a bath

There is a lack of understanding among Thai people about animal welfare. The local team recently conducted a survey, finding that only 50% of children in a local school thought animals could feel pain. As a result, when animals are injured they are rarely given the care or attention from the public that they require. This means that an important part of the local team's job is to educate people, including visiting schools to teach about the importance of kindness towards animals and their welfare. 

After surgery

Fudge the dog walking in her wheelchair

After the surgery, the team built Fudge a wheelchair from recycled PVC pipe. This allowed her to pursue her one true passion in life - running on the beach! We can’t blame her, the beaches around the volunteer project in Khao Tao truly are pretty incredible. Many of the dogs love to play on Sai Noi Beach, just 150 metres from the project. 

Growing Up

Fudge the dog wearing a cone

As Fudge got older, she quickly outgrew her upcycled wheelchair and broke three in the space of six months. It was important to us at Gap 360 that the much beloved Fudge be able to return to the beach as quickly as possible. 

New wheels

Fudge the dog on the beach in her wheelchair

We were able to buy Fudge a durable wheelchair and what was the first thing Fudge wanted to do? Test out her new wheels on the sand, of course! We hear it’s a big paw up from Fudge as the wheelchair allows her to speed around Thailand in style.

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