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Health and Safety

Health and safety is a top priority when you go on a gap year. A safe traveller is a happy traveller, and it's wise to be prepared, take precautions and look after your health so you can make the most of all the fun and adventure on offer on your gap trip!

How to stay safe abroad

Travelling abroad is an incredible adventure, where you will make magical memories and meet new friends. In order to enjoy your gap year to the fullest, you should follow some basic safety dos and don'ts so you can keep safe on your travels.

Sign up for a safety training course before you travel and learn how to stay safe and take care abroad. This intensive 1-day course is designed to prepare you for your upcoming trip. Held in London, the cost per traveller is GBP165, a price worth paying to ensure you travel safely.

Here at Gap 360 we also offer a wide range of travel advice pages on our website, advising you on everything from keeping your money safe to top travel safety tips to follow while you are away. We also recommend you check the latest travel advice from the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) before you go.

Staying healthy on your gap year

Live life to the full on your gap trip and look after your health. It's important to take sensible precautions so you stay healthy on your gap year, from simple tricks like avoiding tap water and ice in drinks to avoiding mosquitoes and malaria.

We recommend that every traveller visits their GP or travel clinic 6-8 weeks before travelling so you can check if there are any vaccinations, medications or other advance preparations you need to make to protect your health.

Our travel advice pages provide helpful tips on everything from enjoying the sunshine safely while abroad, to advice for female travellers and advice about practicing safe sex on your gap year.

Stay safe, stay healthy and have a gap adventure to remember for all the right reasons!

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