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Thailand Half Moon & Jungle Party [2024]: Dates & Guide

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By Sarah Hemsley

Last updated: 24th May 2024

You may have heard of Koh Phangan’s legendary Full Moon Party but have you heard of the Half Moon Party and Jungle Party? Add these to your bucket list, they’re just as epic! 

What is a Half Moon Party? 🎉

A two-night festival to celebrate the half moon! Imagine this: a raging festival either at a gorgeous tropical beach club OR in the middle of a magical forest (you choose) with non-stop music, vibrant energy, and of course, neon body paint. Just like the famous Full Moon Party, there are like-minded travellers from all around the world, raving on the dance floor to the DJ's beats in Thailand. It’s a backpacker's dream! 

Where is the Half Moon Party? 🌴

On Thailand’s party island of Koh Phangan at Ban Tai. The festival takes place in two parts at two locations perfect for an unforgettable night!

Night one is at Harmony Beach Club - the perfect beach party venue for lounging or dancing and staying topped up on delicious tropical cocktails.

And night two is in the middle of Ban Tai’s pristine jungle - a one-of-a-kind location to let your wild side out!

Get the best of both with a two-day pass.

Night 1 (Harmony Beach Club):

Night 2 (Jungle):

When is the Half Moon Party? 🌓

The Half Moon Party is linked to the lunar calendar whenever there is a Half Moon. It’s celebrated two nights every two weeks.

Half Moon Party Thailand 2024 Dates:

• January 3rd & 4th 

• January 17th & 18th

• February 1st & 2nd

• February 16th & 17th

• March 2nd & 3rd

• March 16th & 17th

• April 1st & 2nd

• April 15th & 16th

• May 1st & 15th & 30th (all at Harmony Beach Club)

• June 14th & 28th (both at Harmony Beach Club)

• July 11th & 12th

• July 29th - 30th

• August 8th & 9th

• August 26th & 27th

• September 9th & 10th

• September 25th & 26th

• October 9th & 10th

• October 24th - 25th

• November 8th & 22nd (both at Harmony Beach Club)

• December 7th & 8th

• December 22nd - 23rd

What should I expect from a Half Moon Party? 🍻

An epic night of all things festival. With alcohol flowing, beats pumping out, and like-minded party-goers raving on the dance floors - it’s a magical experience. The festival has 3 stages: the Tribal Stage, the Funky Stage, and the Urban Stage. So there’s something for everyone’s music taste. The Tribal Stage is the main one, with the biggest DJs that will be mixing the best bangers. The Funky stage is the place to be if you’re a lover of house. And if classic hip-hop and R&B is your vibe then head to the Urban stage.

What is a Jungle Party? 🐲

Calling all house & techno lovers, this one is for you! Let your wild side out at this jungle party in… you guessed it,  the middle of Koh Phangan’s jungle! It’s one of the best music festivals in Asia known for its carnival atmosphere. Enjoy a night of backpackers, performers, and jungle residents getting wild on the dance floor.

Where is the Jungle Party? 🌴

Same as night 2 of the Half Moon Party, this jungle experience is held deep in the jungle of Ban Tai on Koh Phangan island.

When is the Jungle Party? 🗓️

Known as the Full Moon Pre-Party, the jungle experience is always held 1 night before Thailand’s famous Full Moon Festival. Take a look at Full Moon Festival dates for 2024 & 2025.

Jungle Party Thailand 2024 Dates:

• January 24th

• February 24th

What should I expect from a Jungle Party? 🔥

All the hottest house and techno hits, neon laser beams lighting up the sky, and thrilling entertainment from performers and DJs to keep you buzzed until way past dawn. Plus, at every event, there’s a professional fire show you won’t want to miss! 


The party awaits you! Want to make new friends and experience this together? Contact one of our expert travel advisers to find out which trip dates align with the dates above.

Or check out our South East Asia trips if you want to see multiple countries in one go!

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