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Traveller at Ninh Binh

The Best Time to Visit Vietnam

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By Sarah Hemsley

Last updated: 15th November 2023

Vietnam is full of wonders, from natural beauty to vibrant cities. The best months to visit are between November - April but all year round Vietnam is incredible to visit 😍

Read on to learn more about the cheapest & best time to visit Vietnam.

When to visit North Vietnam

Ha Long Bay

Popular areas: Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Sapa, Pu Long National Park, Phong Nha & Ninh Binh

Best time to visit North Vietnam: November - April

North Vietnam has 2 seasons: winter and summer. However, they’re not like our seasons in the UK.

The winter in North Vietnam has temperatures averaging between 17-22°C and it’s mostly dry. Places as far north as Sa Pa can have particularly chilly nights. In the summer season, the humidity levels are higher so there is more rainfall. 

Cool and dry season (winter) is between November to April.

Humid but wet season (summer) is between May to October. With July, August and September being the wettest months.

See the turquoise waters of Ha Long Bay and the lush landscapes of Sa Pa & Ninh Binh on our Vietnam Adventure Plus group tour.

When to visit Central Vietnam

Couple sat near bridge in Hoi Vietnam

Popular areas: Hoi An & Hue 

Best time to visit Central Vietnam: January to August

Hoi An and Hue can be very hot, with lots of sunny days and clear skies between mid-January to the end of August. The temperature can reach 35°C+ and Hoi An is often more humid than Hue.

The rainfall season is from September - December with October and November reaching peak levels of rainfall due to typhoons.

Experience Vietnamese culture in Hoi An & Hue on our Vietnam & Sa Pa Discovery tour.

When to visit South Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City

Popular areas: Ho Chi Minh City & Nha Trang

Best time to visit South Vietnam: November - April

South Vietnam tends to have a consistent temperature all year round. Averaging of 25 - 35°C. However, its climate is split into two seasons: wet and dry. 

Dry season is from the end of November to early May.

Wet season is from the end of May - early November.

You can visit Ho Chi Minh City on all our group tours to Vietnam.

Typhoon and Monsoon Seasons

Vietnam gets its distinctive wet and dry seasons from the East Asian monsoon. This makes it prone to typhoons including heavy rainfall, strong winds, and storm surges. These showers can be heavy but are brief and tend to be in the afternoons.

Typhoon and monsoon seasons are typically between May - November. 

The northern part of Vietnam, including Hanoi, is more likely to be affected by the monsoon from August to October. While the central and southern regions may experience it from November to January. 

Best time to visit for Cultural Festivals

Traveller looking at lanterns in Vietnam

Late January - Early February: Tet Nguyen Dan

The best to visit Vietnam is during the celebration of the Lunar New Year! 🏮 The festivities fill the streets with flowers, masked dancers and the smell of traditional cooked dishes. And of course, there’s a fireworks display to mark the celebration.

Mid-February - Mid-March: Perfume Pagoda Festival

Close to Hanoi, the Perfume Pagoda is the largest complex of Buddist temples and shrines in Vietnam. It celebrates the most significant pilgrimage festival in the country where devotees pray for the year ahead. Travellers can visit the Pagoda any time of year but the festival is a very special event to witness.

30th April:  Reunification Day

To mark the end of the Vietnam War and capture Ho Chi Minh City, a parade takes place through Ho Chi Minh and Vietnamese people spend a public holiday with their families.

April or May: Buddha’s birthday

The event of Vesak takes place to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha. It’s celebrated with vegetarian dishes, street parades and lantern ceremonies by the rivers. It typically falls on the full moon date of either April or May.

August: Wandering Souls’ Day

Vietnam’s most important spiritual festival in which Vietnamese people honour their deceased loved ones with offerings. Some choose to perform a ritual at local shrines, whilst others light small lanterns and set them afloat on the waters.

Every month: Hoi An Lantern Festival

Many travellers are drawn to Hoi An for the enchanting Lantern Festivals. Around the time of the full moon, usually the 14th of every month, candle-lit lanterns light up the city to celebrate peace and prosperity. The streets are filled with performers and people from all over the world embracing the tradition.

When to travel for the best prices

All year round Vietnam is very affordable, but if you’re seeking the best prices then the off-peak season (May - October) is best for budget travellers.

For average weather and average prices, the best time to visit Vietnam is in either November or April.

Check out our Vietnam group tours that run all year round or get in touch with a travel advisor to help you plan your travels.


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