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Visa Advice

Making sure that you have the right visas in place is an essential part of your travel plans. Visas can be required to give you permission to enter and stay in a particular destination. So you must check well in advance of departure if a visa is required.

Do you need a visa?

Many countries require that you get a visa in advance of travel, whereas other destinations will issue you with a visa on arrival at the airport or land border. 

Visa requirements vary from country to country, and are subject to frequent change so be sure to check each country's visa rules and entry requirements carefully before travel. You can check with the relevant country's embassy or consulate for detailed visa advice about each destination. 

If you are a British passport holder we always recommend that you check the latest visa requirements and travel advice from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO).

What about working visas?

If you intend to do paid work abroad on your gap year, then you will usually be required to get a work visa in place before you leave the UK. Working visa regulations vary, so please check individual country visa information or our individual work abroad programmes for details. We are accredited Aussie specialists so we are a great choice to apply for your working holiday visa for Australia



Ensure your passport has plenty of blank pages and is valid for your entire trip. Some countries require a minimum of 6 months' validity beyond your exit date. Also, note that damaged passports may not be accepted. Check embassy rules if your passport is damaged.

Get FCDO travel advice

We always recommend that you check the latest visa requirements and travel advice on the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO).

Your Visa Specialists

If you are seeking general advice on travel documents, or looking for a service to help support your application for visas to travel abroad, we had teamed up with and recommend the experts over at The Travel Visa Company

Gap 360 can advise on the requirements for each of our trips and we are Aussie Specialists who can apply for your Australia Working Holiday Visa for you, but for up-to-date information on what is required for entering into other countries, and to apply for the visa you will need to travel, please take a look at their website.. 

Check your visa/entry requirements


Woman looking over Australian coast. Looking to return to Australia? Or want to extend your stay?

Your Study Specialists

If you are traveling to Australia and are seeking to extend your stay, studying can be the most affordable way to do so.

Gap 360 have partnered with Pathway to Aus to make your dreams to move to Australia come true! Pathway to Aus are a registered education and migration agency that have been assisting travellers and students worldwide to study and migrate to Australia since 2012.

Learn more about studying in Australia

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